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No, not that Kevin Bacon



This blog is by Kevin Bacon: father, clown shoe wearer, and resident of the suburb of Brighton quaintly known as Hove. In my day job, I work  as the Digital Development Officer for the Royal Pavilion and Museums.

A lot of this blog consists of brainbumble, random observations, and bursts of shameless self-promotion. Some of it is focused on the use of digital technology in museum practice. I use it to pool various reflections on the work I do, and the sector I work in. As you will note by the last sentence, I occasionally produce awkward metaphors like ‘pooling reflections’.

I regularly write more worthwhile content on the Royal Pavilion and Museums’ blog. You can also find me on Twitter: @fauxtoegrafik


I should also aver that all opinions expressed are solely my own, and do not reflect those of my employer, colleagues, family, or anyone who happens to be standing too close to me at the time.

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