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March 1, 2013

I’m reblogging this on my personal blog  as it’s one of those rare projects where everything seems to be coming together and the central concept is holding up. In a month or so, I’ll know if the final product holds up, but the process alone has already proven valuable.

Royal Pavilion & Brighton Museums

I’ve spent the last two Saturdays at Preston Manor, where I’ve witnessed twelve young people plot a murder.

You may be relieved to learn that this is an entirely fictional murder, and these young writers are doing for Preston Manor what Brighton crime novelist Peter James did for the Royal Pavilion last year. With the help of creative writing group Little Green Pig, these writers have been producing a murder mystery using Preston Manor as a setting.

However, this is a murder mystery with a difference.  Rather than presented as a linear narrative, the individual pieces of writing will be embedded in a recreation of Preston Manor that you can explore online. The reader will need to search for pieces of the story, much as a detective would hunt for clues.

I’ll talk more about the technology in later blog posts. My focus in this post is to talk about how we…

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